Castiel is such a concerned boyfriend (⊙‿⊙✿)


 9x10 | 9x18

            ↳ Destiel + Manhandling

Aka Dean, Castiel, and their complete disregard for personal space.


I can’t believe I’m excited about supernatural rn


A few of the less obvious VFX shots from Supernatural’s “Meta Fiction”.

What exactly we did shall remain a mystery.. ;-)


It doesn’t hit him until later. Much later. In fact, he doesn’t even remember it until he stops at a Gas-n-Sip for some extra supplies.

The cashiers name is Louise. And suddenly Cas remembers a hotel room and not enough personal space.

So, what — I’m Thelma and you’re Louise, and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?" Dean had asked.

Cas suddenly has a vague picture of two women in a car and they kiss. Cas smiles. The cashier probably looks at him funny.


5x04 ~ The End

6x20 ~ The Man Who Would Be King

8x10 ~ Torn and Frayed

9x18 ~ Meta Fiction


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Best gif mash-up


Can we talk about how the first real smile(s) we’ve seen from Dean in quite awhile now were because of Cas making jokes and asking how he is doing (twice)? Ugh, they were only together for like 5 minutes and they were so boyfriends. 


Cas saying “How are you, Dean?” and Sam looking over at Dean with a knowing look, because he knows how much Cas cares about his big brother.  Dean smiling because he just can’t help it.  He hasn’t seen Cas in forever, he misses him.  He never gets used to someone actually caring about him that isn’t blood.  He cares for Cas, too, his heart breaking when Sam tells him Metatron has Cas…They care about each other like family…or something more.